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Plume, Sagenite, Banded Agate, & Many Other Agates

This website contains many of my finest agates. I have categorized and photographed them so that you can enjoy and learn from them at your leisure. This agate gallery will continue to be a work in process. I hope you enjoy browsing these agates - I sure enjoyed collecting, cutting and polishing them.  Click all the agate photos to enlarge them. Also, scrolling over many of the photos will provide additional agate information, such as source location and dimension.

My desire is to share my passion and experience with all collectors and prospective
collectors and increase interest and awareness of quality agate, especially sagenite and plume agate.  Most of the agates within this site were hand collected in the field in recent years.  For 15 different types of agate inclusions, click HERE.

Marcasite Plume and Sagenite Agate Owl Hole Plume Agate Graham Pass Sagenite Agate

Rockhounding as a hobby is facing new challenges.  Despite recent regulations, rockhounds today still have tremendous rock collecting opportunities.  Old time rockhounds often say everything has been picked up.  But those who dig, agree that many rare and beautiful agates lay just below the surface.  This is the case with countless rocks and minerals.  Rain and wind constantly reveal these treasures.  Digging will uncover more.  I commonly bring a shovel and a pick when I go rock collecting. 

Wingate Pass Plume Agate Stalk Aggregate from Mexico

Within this site you will see agates from well over one hundred worldwide agate deposits, including rare holly blue agate with sagenite to red agate (carnelian) with sagenetic inclusions to fire agate with needles.

Laguna Agate from Mexico Del Norte Plume Agate from Colorado

Most agates are associated with igneous rocks, primarily andesite, rhyolite and basalt. Fine dryhead agates, Teepee Canyon agates and other agates are found with sedimentary rocks.

  bouquet agate from Texas Pseudomorph Agate from Mexico tree-like plume agate from Wyoming


Agates with inclusions are the focus here although some fine banded Laguna agates, Coyamito agates, Condor agates, other banded agates, fine jaspers and a few other lapidary materials with inclusions are shown. The most common agates with inclusions are moss agate, plume agate, sagenite agate and dendritic agate.


Coral Agate Cabochon from Indonesia Crazy Lace Agate with Sagenite Cabochon from Mexico Dendritic Agate Cabochon from India

Primarily, I cut specimens which are suited for display cases.  Cabochon gemstones are a by-product as I slice rough rocks to reveal a full pattern. With a little luck I produce specimens free of fractures. Smaller complete patterns show up in these slices and make excellent gemstones for agate jewelry and when they are larger, display pieces.

Nyedigger Ranch Plume Agate Cabochon from Oregon Dendritic Agate from Yellowstone River Plume Agate Cabochon from Priday Ranch

These gemstones are generally viewed as the refined treasure trove of rock collecting. Polished and artfully cut agates that reveal the wonderful inclusion patterns can produce gemstones that are the most unique and beautiful in the world. Agate jewelry, because of this unique beauty, is highly prized.


None of the rock specimens in the gallery are currently for sale as they are part of my rock collection. However, similar material is often available for sale or trade. I am very interested in buying or trading individual specimens or complete rock collections.



I respond quickly to phone calls and usually quickly to emails.  I enjoy trading rock collecting spots and love to share a campfire in a good agate field.


 For an article on Sagenite Agate and Plume Agate click HERE


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